"Life changing."
--Claire R.

"I loved it and it truly helped save my life! I felt like I was going on a journey of self love and self discovery with people facing the same challenges I was."
--Gabby W.

"Being able to talk to others in a safe group environment has helped me gain insight and perspective that I otherwise wouldn't have had."
--Lisa B.

"This IOP group was the best decision I have ever made for myself."
--Ashley J.

"I was exceedingly happy with PRISM's services. The program has helped me in amazing ways and I would not change anything."
--Alexa G.

"I feel so lucky to have had PRISM guide me through possibly the hardest time of my life."
---Brynn A.

"I learned to regulate my emotions and found healthier ways to deal with my problems."
--Carlo M.

"I loved this program and how much it transformed a dark, sad me into a stable, confident me."

"Fabulous, I would (and have) recommended this program."
--Alexander P.

"She was the first therapist ever to tell me my depression could get better and mean it. And it did."
--Sarah S.

"He was very easy to get along with and explained a lot of the skills very well. The environment made me wish that it lasted longer."
--Thomas H

"I learned how to control my resentments."
--Tom S.

"Good discussions."
--Paul A.

"I was struggling with extreme anxiety and depression. The services provided were extremely helpful in learning how to handle my emotions."

--Kelli M.

"I have never found a place more helpful for my mental health struggles"
- Kevin B.