• Successfuly completed our Intensive Outpatient Program, "or"
  • Sucessfullly completed the DBT Skills Training Program, "or"
  • Completed impatient residential treatment at a mental health or dual diagnosis treatment facility, "or"
  • Made significant progress in either individual psychotherapy or family therapy (at any of our facilities or with a psychotherapist in the community)

Bellaire Aftercare / Advanced Recovery Groups (ARG)

  • Aftercare/Advanced Recovery Groups:
Thursdays:  4 p.m. – 6 p.m. (meets biweekly)

  • Young Adult Substance Abuse Recovery Group:
Tuesdays  6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Attendance in the Advanced Recovery Group (ARG) is flexible. Once an individual has been pre-screened by the therapist and primary needs/issues have been identified, insurance and cost issues will be discussed, and the client may join the group. Membership in our ARGs is limited to solution-oriented, motivated adults only.

Weekly DBT Skills Training Groups:

One of our seven weekly DBT Skills Training Groups frequently serves as a client's primary aftercare group. Some individuals who have attended our IOP or a residential treatment program choose to join a weekly DBT skills Training Group to maintain and build on the treatment gains they have made in IOP or in residential treatment, and to learn or strengthen the DBT skills to which they have already been exposed.

Reasons for attending these Aftercare/Advanced Recovery Groups include:

  • Maintaining treatment gains, including new coping skills and strategies acquired in the earlier phases of treatment
  • Facilitating continued learning of new coping skills and strategies to improve mood, relationships, academic and career development and to generally "create a life worth living"
  • Providing a safe place and supportive relationships for exploring areas needing to be further addressed (e.g. conflicts, unhealthy patterns of living, relationship and career issues, etc.)
  • Managing stress and triggers more effectively in order to prevent relapse
  • Continuing the process of personal growth